About Us

We are a Christian NGO based in Poipet, an area located on the Thai-Cambodia border, well known for trafficking and gambling. We believe we are called by the Lord to bring hope to the local community and facilitate sustainable change. We aim to empower families to generate an income, helping them to become independent. In this way the community lifts themselves out of poverty and is equipped for their future.



Our Vision

CHO envisions a network of hope filled communities where adequate physical, psychological and spiritual needs are met.

Our Mission

To equip and empower the church to strengthen the quality of life of disadvantaged rural people and vulnerable children by cultivating hope for the future, where self-reliance among the communities is obtained through the support from CHO’s income generating projects.

Core Values

CHO is a Christian Development Organization. We believe that we are all called by our Lord Jesus to serve the needs of the communities in accordance with our Christian values.


Poipet is located on the long border between Thailand and Cambodia. Border trade provides business and job opportunities attracting people from all over Cambodia, the largest single source of employment being day labour across the border. Many of Poipet's inhabitants formly lived in the refugee camps that used to populate this area. These factors coupled with the lack of quality, inexpensive education and skills training means that poor families are at risk of being lured into sending their children to work in Thailand where they are prime targets to traffickers.

Our Charity Projects

We work in the communities surrounding Poipet to help tackle the spiritual, emotional and physical issues that people face. We run a range of projects, which involves working through the local church to initiate long-lasting, sustainable change. Click on the links below to find out more about each of our charity projects:


Agriculture and

Animal Husbandry

Anti-Trafficking workshop


Home church

Church and Alpha

Cow bank initiative

Revolving Funds

School on a mat class

School on a Mat

Self-help group

Self-help Groups

Umoja project

Umoja Concept

Water pump

Water and Sanitation

Our Business Projects

We aim to sustainably fund our charity work by using these business initiatives to generate income. The profits from these ventures directly support the projects in the villages. This is also important for our local community as we are able to empower vulnerable people by providing jobs and skills. Please click on the links below to find out more:



Since we were founded in 2002 by our director, Chomno In, CHO has grown to over 50 staff members. Our hard-working and dedicated staff are intrinsic to the work we do in bringing hope to the community and their faith is the driving force behind the change we are part of in Poipet. We really value working alongside our CHO family worldwide from our volunteers to prayer supporters to donors who help us to serve the community in the name of Jesus.




Long term

We love welcoming long-term teams to the CHO family. During their time with us they are able to be at the centre of our work. They have the chance to get involved with different aspects of our organization, from teaching English at Safe Haven School to helping with the growth of Destiny Café to running classes in Destiny Institute to working on project development, alongside many other opportunities. If you would like to read more click here to find out more about specific roles that teams can be a part of. Our most regular long-term team is from Tearfund UK - for information and opportunities, have a look at their Go Overseas page. Alternatively contact us directly at mj.rosa@yahoo.com we'd love to hear from you.

Short term

We always look forward to short-term teams visiting us. They are able to see our projects first hand and get involved with our work, bringing hope to communities. This includes church groups, family trips, student teams and individuals. These teams can be involved in all of CHO's projects, including children's outreach, agriculture and growing the church. Whatever your gifts and skills, we love to work alongside and learn from you. Act on your desire to make a difference and share your talents whether it's teaching, building, training, enthusiasm, health-care, IT or just a passion to build relationships globally. Come and experience Cambodia for yourself. Contact mj.rosa@yahoo.com to chat about your opportunities for volunteering with us or check out Tearfund's website for potential oppurtunities.

Experience Cambodia

All our teams have the amazing opportunity to discover more of our ancient culture and see more of the country. As part of your stay with us we offer organized tours to Siem Reap where you can visit the world-famous Angkor Wat, explore the markets and taste the authentic Khmer cuisine. While you're here why not travel to the beaches of Sihanoukville, the bat caves of Battambang, or our capital Phnom Penh where you can learn about our both inspiring and turbulent history.



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